Top 5 Considerations for Real Estate Website Development

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Publish Date : 2021-10-08 10:09:44
Top 5 Considerations for Real Estate Website Development

Developing a website for your business is an exciting task to undertake. Nowadays, it has gotten easier to get in touch with a development professional, and with the widespread availability of information, you can easily seek professionals well-suited to your needs.

A real estate website can be a very exciting one. There are numerous platforms that your hired developer can use to create your site. But you need to ensure that the developer considers some important points, and this page will familiarize you with those considerations. 

This article will shed light on the important considerations you must not ignore when creating your real estate business website.

Five things web developers must consider for a real estate website development

Since it has become easy to access knowledge related to technologies working behind the websites, you need to research. As a real estate business owner, you must make it a point to define the functionality and key purposes that your website will serve.

These functionalities will help you define the features, schema, and theme of your website. Once you are clear on what you want, you will conveniently put forth your requirements in front of the development team you hire. Following are the important considerations you need to make:

Stack of technologies

Every developer has their own specialty. Whenever they take up a project, they look at it from their own perspective and prefer to use the stack of technologies they are comfortable with. Since you are aiming for a real estate website based on IDX features, you need to make sure they are adept at a certain set of programming and development tools.

As a real estate business owner, you need to ensure that you hire an experienced web development company in Dubai with resources fully capable of employing a definite set of programming tools. Commonly, Python, PHP, and JAVA are the programming languages suited for real estate websites.


A website needs to be secure as your bank locker. Your website can be vulnerable to hacking attempts and malware in the age of a wide prevalence of data and technology. Thus, when you get your website developed, ensure that the developer keeps data protection and privacy at the forefront.

Whether the server is local or shared, the highest levels of security need to be incorporated for its protection. Integrated Data Exchange (IDX) is an integral component of real estate websites, and if the data shared over the platform is leaked or a third party gains access to it, your relation with the data feed provider will be in danger.


A website’s structure has its own markup called schema. Before starting off with development, the developers define the schema of a website. Your website can follow different schema markups. But firstly, you need to define the functions that your website is made for.

Whether you want your website to promote agents and real estate brokers, or your website will be a place that people visit for reviews and getting leads. If you focus on reputation and leads, you can base your schema markup on reviews and target local businesses. 


Themes are often considered a concern of designers and are equated to the aesthetic needs of your website, but there’s more to it. You need your website’s theme to be stable and well-programmed so that there are minimal needs for debugging efforts.

Using solid programming and development languages is essential for a good theme, and you need to hire a web development company to make your real estate website compatible. You can search Google for the best themes for IDX feature real estate websites. Make sure the developers keep the flexibility of the website, the primary feature of the theme.

Responsiveness and UX

The user interface, user experience, and responsiveness are considered the obsession of front-end developers. But the fact of the matter is that developers must not compromise the user experience and interface design while focusing on responsiveness.

For mobile applications specifically, user experience and responsiveness hold paramount importance. Thus, you should keep it a priority as well when you are going for real estate website development.

Looking for Real Estate Website Development?

Looking for a professional developer is an important and natural course of action. But when you are running a real estate business and need to build a website to ease your customers, you need to give it a direction first. This direction comes from pre-planning. You need to jot down the primary function this website will perform.

After defining the function, you need to ensure that you hire experienced web development professionals. With a good resource, you can ensure that the important considerations pertinent to comprehensive real estate websites are not ignored at any stage.

Your website will be successful in improving your profits exponentially. 

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