Stop automatic subscription and get back refund

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Stop automatic subscription and get back refund

Today, people use lots of programs on the system for various purposes. Free and paid programs are available for your device. You have to purchase the setup and then you can use it on your system. Some of the premium tools have one-time payment whereas many programs provide subscriptions. You purchase the subscription and use the tool or program on your device. Subscriptions on the programs need to be renewed once they expire. But many people find renewing the tool bothersome. If they forget to renew the plan; it won’t work. For troubleshooting this error; many programs provide the auto-renewal service. When you enable the auto-renewal service; the program won’t expire. It gets renewed before the expiry and payment will occur automatically. But many times users don’t need the program anymore but still, the payment occurs. In that case, you have to check for a refund.


Cancel your new subscription and get the refund


When your program gets auto-renewed but you don’t want to use it then cancel it. You can get a refund for the auto-renewal if you cancel it within days. If you are not planning to use the program anymore then you should cancel its subscription before the license gets renewed. Many programs don’t provide a refund. So, you must check the policy before cancelling it. Otherwise, you use the program after license cancellation and you won’t get a refund. If the program doesn’t provide the refund then use the license and cancel it before the expiry. In case, your program has a refund policy then cancel your new subscription. Check the auto-renewal date and inspect whether the plan is under the refund policy or not.

  1. Open the account page of your program
  2. Tap on the Subscription button
  3. Check the new subscription
  4. Hit on the Cancel button
  5. A refund policy wizard will appear
  6. Tap on the Yes button

Hit on the Confirm button to cancel the new subscription. Now contact the McAfee customer service refund team. Provide the appropriate details and you will get a refund for your subscription cancellation. If you have remaining days on the previous subscription then you can use the program until expiry.


Cancel auto-renewal before the license expiry


If you are not sure whether you need the program further or not then cancel the auto-renewal. Cancelling it ensures that the auto-renewal payment will not occur without your concern. In case you want to use the program after the expiry then renew it manually.

  1. Open the program dashboard on your device
  2. Click on the subscription window
  3. You will see your active license
  4. Tap on the auto-renewal page
  5. If the auto-renewal option enable then toggle it
  6. Switch the button to disable
  7. You will get an auto-renewal to disable confirmation option
  8. Hit on the Confirm option

When the auto-renewal service gets disabled; check the subscription page. Now you can see the remaining days on your current subscription. Also, check your registered email account for subscription cancellation mail. After canceling your subscription; your program will work till expiry. After the expiry date; it's up to you whether you renew the plan or uninstall the program from the device.


Renew your program manually


Once your program expires; you can renew the license using manual steps. You don’t have to renew the setup immediately after the expiry date. If you are not using the program then don’t go for the renewal. Whenever you need the program; you can renew it and access the tools immediately.

  1. Open the dashboard of the program
  2. Click on the program subscription page
  3. You will get the Renew button
  4. Choose the Renew option
  5. The program account page will open on the browser
  6. You will see the renewal options
  7. Choose a renewal plan for the program
  8. Type the banking details


Recheck all the information and tap on Renew button


After license renewal; reopen the dashboard of your program. Click on subscription and you will see the expiry date of the new license. Now you can use the program on the device reliably. Many programs like antivirus, editing tools are also available on CDs. You can check the retail box for the activation key. Users don’t have to reinstall the program on the system; enter the key and your license will get renewed.

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