Know the manner to troubleshoot the LiveUpdate issue

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Know the manner to troubleshoot the LiveUpdate issue

Norton is an advanced antivirus that detects and removes all the threats from your system. When you install this security program, it creates a protective layer and prevents all the dangerous threats from entering the system. This security program makes the system a secure device to work. But your antivirus also requires a regular update. Updating the antivirus provides new malware charts so it can easily detect new threats on the system. Norton LiveUpdate regularly checks for the new update. Whenever the update is available, LiveUpdate immediately updates the interface of your Norton antivirus. But when the LiveUpdate gets disabled or shows any error; your Norton antivirus won’t update.


Possible reasons behind your Norton LiveUpdate issue:

  1. Your system has low hard-disk space
  2. Some Norton program files get corrupted
  3. Outdated operating system
  4. Computer junk is interrupting Norton update
  5. Some of the registry files are showing an error
  6. You have made some invalid changes to your system


Resolving Norton LiveUpdate issues on your Windows device


Inspect your free disk space

Norton antivirus requires some free disk space for updating. When you install the new update on Norton, its setup size gets increased a bit. When your Norton antivirus live update is not working, you should check for the disk space. If the free space is very low then you have to increase it. Go to your system and remove unnecessary large files such as movies, videos from the device. After removing all these files; you will get good space on the system. Now restart your system and then try to update the Norton antivirus.


Check for the OS update

Norton updating issues can appear when the system is outdated. Users must update the computer when available. Without updating, your system can deal with many errors. The new programs may show updating issues. Whenever your Norton update is not working, check for an OS update. Go to the Update and Security tab from the settings page. Click on the new update and then install the update on your system. Wait for completing the system update. Now restart for applying the update and then open your Norton antivirus. Run the LiveUpdate and check for the error.


Inspect your registry files

Sometimes the Norton-related registry files get corrupted and the LiveUpdate starts showing errors. For running the LiveUpdate, users must repair the registry files. Open the registry editor and then check for the corrupted Norton registry files. Now get a backup of all the files and. Edit the files and then fix the error.

  1. Open the run bar and type cmd
  2. Type Regedit on your command screen
  3. Now click on the Norton files and export them on the desktop
  4. Edit your corrupted registry files

Restart your computer and now you can update your security software.


Uninstall the conflicting programs

When your device is showing update issues; inspect it for the conflicting programs. This error appears when you have another antivirus on the system. Never use your Norton with another antivirus. You must remove the previous antivirus before installing Norton on your system. Open the programs tab and check for the software programs you have installed on the system. Now uninstall all the security software (other than Norton). Restart your Norton antivirus and try to update it.


Revert the changes on the system

When your Norton antivirus is showing you error after the changes then undo them. Users sometimes edit the settings on the system and your programs start showing errors. You can fix your error by undoing the changes. Make sure you are editing the settings correctly. If you can’t revert the changes manually then use the system restore tool. This tool will run and ask for the restoring point. Enter the restoring point on the wizard and it will undo the changes on your system. Now reopen your Norton dashboard and then run LiveUpdate.


Repair Norton’s program files

When Norton antivirus program files get corrupted or missing; you have to repair them. But repairing the files manually is a bit difficult. If you can’t repair the Norton program manually then you can reinstall the setup. Before reinstalling it, remove the corrupted setup from your device. Now restart the system and now open your Norton account. Go to the setup and reinstall it on your device.

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