How to Write a Meta Description for Your Online Store

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How to Write a Meta Description for Your Online Store

Administrators of ecommerce sites and websites in general often overlook the meta description, either because they don't think it's essential or because they don't know what to write. This is a huge blunder.

To avoid this, it is critical to always optimise the meta description fields of each page, paying close attention to the rules, particularly if the page is about goods.

We'll go through some tips for writing a successful meta summary in this article.


Meta tags, also known as meta descriptions, are lines of HTML code that serve as a summary of a website's content to search engines. It's just a quick rundown of the web or a specific page on the site. When you do a Google search, the meta description is the small text that appears alongside the link.


One of the SEO techniques for increasing site traffic is to use the meta definition. This tag, however, is only for users and not for Google robots. It's crucial because it's a concise summary of the page's material, whether it's content or a product.

Its aim is to notify the user about the content of the page before he clicks on the link in the search results. This helps SEO even more because it keeps people from coming to the web, not finding what they were looking for, and leaving quickly, raising the bounce rate.


Increasing this rate indicates to Google that your site is not relevant to the general public. As a result, a website that is irrelevant does not "deserve" to be well-positioned.



Now that we know how important meta description is, we can see why it should never be left blank. But why is that?


Your search engine will automatically collect the product description or any other text/image placed on that page when Google reads the meta tag and nothing is written. Leaving the text that will be shown in the results to Google's discretion. As a result, the site's description targets will be too long or too short, and the calls will be unappealing, reducing the likelihood of a user clicking on your site.


The majority of people are unsure what to include in the meta definition. It's quite simple; the most important tip is to use the page's main keyword and establish an appealing call to action. They can differ greatly depending on the section, but they must entice the public to click on the link. Consider the following scenario:

Buy now - Sign up - Get instant access - Don't miss out - Pay in 3 instalments with no interest - Download for free - Compare prices - Study with us - Reserve your room

There should be a rundown of the website or product's content so that the user knows what it's about; it should also:

There is a limit of 156 characters. - Be exclusive - Include a keyword - Include a call to action - Use your own words


Each platform has its own way of inserting the meta description on each website. It's easier for WordPress users because there are many plug-ins (such as Yoast) that assist with filling out the post itself. For other platforms, the idea is to insert the tag through code, and if you're unsure, ask a programmer for assistance. The meta definition must be written in the site code between the > symbols, as shown below:


The meta description, like any other page, must include a keyword. It's critical in SEO because Google needs to know what the page is about in order to present it to users who searched for those words.

It's important to convince the user that your page has what they're searching for in the meta tag. In search results, the keyword is bolded to attract attention to clicks.

Investigate how your site's audience may look for your goods or services and come up with a list of key words to include. It's best to conduct keyword research to determine which ones are most important to your market.

Long, middle, and short tail keywords are the three categories of keywords. Long-tail words are preferable because they are more descriptive, consist of three or more words, and are more likely to rise in search rankings.

In addition, there are many resources that can assist us in this, one of which is the Keyword Planner, which allows us to enter a particular word and receive suggestions for other words that are similar. It is still up to you to make your decision. Another option is SemRush, which provides keyword search volume as well as other useful data, such as evaluating competitors' positions.

It is not as complicated as it seems to write a meta description; simply follow the rules and map out your keywords carefully. Good luck with your strategies, everyone!


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