How to Fix Http 405 Method Not Allowed Error?

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Publish Date : 2021-06-14 13:03:46
How to Fix Http 405 Method Not Allowed Error?

Websites are one of the main sources of connection between consumers and suppliers in this digitalized era. They are outshining the traditional businesses in countries like the UAE and earning up to ten per cent more revenue to the online business owners. However, the greatest risk in this mode of operation is the issue on the website. HTTP 405 method not allowed is one of the most common website issues which frustrates the users.

What is HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed Error?

Before we move any further, it is essential to know the details of this specific error code. So, HTTP 405 method not allowed is a response status code that passes on the message that the HTTP request is received and recognized; however, the method used in the request is not supported by the server, hence rejected. The status code only shares news about rejection and not its reason; therefore, its resolution becomes problematic. So, it denotes three points:

  1. Request is received
  2. Request is recognized
  3. The request is rejected because the method used in it is not allowed.

This article will provide you with a detailed guide about fixing the HTTP 405 method not allowed error and providing seamless 24/7 website access to your users.

Top 6 Tips to Resolve 405 Method Not Allowed Error

Method not allowed is one f the most common website errors the users can face. However, the error displays differently across various servers, which ends up confusing the users. The following are some common ways it is portrayed:

  • HTTP Error 405 - Method Not Allowed
  • 405 Not Allowed
  • HTTP Error 405
  • HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed
  • Method Not Allowed

Now that you know how the problem can be communicated through various servers, you should head to learn the fixing tips to end the worries of your users.

Some of the most useful tips to resolve 405 methods not allowed error is the following:

Double Check the URL

HTTP 405 error can occur due to minor mistakes in the URL. You might have misspelt the URL in haste. So, there is no harm in double-checking the URL. You would be able to instantly resolve the issue if it was due to this problem. However, if the problem persists, there is an error in some other function, and you need to carry on with resolution tips.

Revise CMS Updates

Websites are built using a content management system (CMS). It is quite important to upgrade the CMS over regular periods to ensure your website's smooth functioning and quality service provision to the users. Sometimes, the updates can lead to numerous website errors that require revising the CMS updates. Therefore, most website owners hire website maintenance services from Dubai-based companies to get regular maintenance of their website to avoid or resolve such issues.

Uninstall New Plugins and Extensions

Various plugins and extensions are installed on the websites to improve the functioning of certain features. They can have some virus or not for the specific purpose mentioned. If you face the HTTP 405 method not allowed error right after installing a plugin or extension, you know who to blame. Uninstall the plugin or extension to check if the website works fine or not. In case not, check more resolution tips.

Review Database Changes

Sometimes, the problem of method not allowed error does not resolve as soon as you remove the extension. The problem is that the extension has created the changes in the database in that limited time. So, another important tip of resolving this type of error is to review the database changes. If you find something odd, revise the changes to the older version.

Double Check Web Server Configuration Files

The extensions can also send redirection instructions to the web server, which leads to the method not allowed error. If the error is not fixed after uninstalling the extension and reviewing the database changes, you need to double-check the webserver configuration files. If you are an amateur in the field, you might not be able to do this, so seek the help of experts.

Check Application Code Against Bugs

If the problem of method not allowed error persists even after following the tips mentioned above, there is only one thing left to check: application code. There might be a bug or error in the code, stopping the website from functioning smoothly. This the major reason regular website maintenance is essential. You can also get expert help from a website development company in Dubai to resolve HTTP 405 error and ensure that it does not occur again.

Ensure proper maintenance of your website to avoid HTTP errors!

Website errors can occur due to numerous reasons; however, the greatest one is that they are not getting regular maintenance. A little problem on the website can frustrate the users and add loss to your account instead of profit. Work on your site's maintenance, so it does not develop any issues to annoy the users. Get in touch with the experts to finalize a website maintenance plan and become worry-free.

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