Anti program responsible for a slow system

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Publish Date : 2021-04-22 08:54:03
Anti program responsible for a slow system

You are experiencing performance issues on systems where McAfee antivirus software is installed and running. These Mcafee slowing down computer can include slow product response times and slow user interface refresh, and slow processing of files.


Multiple antivirus programs are running at the same time


If you have only one antivirus with real-time protection enabled and the other antiviruses just run the scanner on-demand, you can safely install multiple antiviruses. Loading and running real-time protection for multiple programs together causes contention during the scan. It can also cause system instability. Antiviruses can also consider each other malicious. One terminates the other and tries to eliminate it. As mentioned above, one antivirus impacts performance, so using two antiviruses consumes more computer power.

You need to update your application.

Software bugs and vulnerabilities can slow down the speed. Make sure your application and operating system are up to date.


Computer maintenance is required.

Over time, your computer will have all sorts of files and registry entries left behind after uninstalling a program, numerous shortcuts to rarely used applications, unwanted toolbars and adware, fragmented data on volumes, and more. The junk is scattered around. Keep your computer functional and responsive with software utilities that optimize your drive and clean up junk.


Your computer is infected.

Many novice users can easily conclude that malware infections are causing slowdowns, but in some cases, they are correct. Despite the following security measures, data breaches and uncontrollable events can infect your computer. Use your antivirus software to scan your computer regularly.


This issue is being investigated, but preliminary findings indicate that this issue may be caused by a conflict between products and McAfee antivirus products. Customers have reported the following problematic behaviors:

With on-access scanning technology-enabled, there may be a slow response time due to the McAfee product actively scanning files.

McAfee products seem to spend a lot of time sifting through installation files, which can affect overall computer performance. It also seems to misidentify the installer files as corrupted.

When trying to navigate to a directory that contains a zip file, chm file, or installer, the browser window hangs, and there is a delay before it displays the contents of the directory.

With McAfee enabled, opening a CHM file can take up to ten minutes to display, and the application interface will appear frozen during this time.


To reduce the impact of antivirus software on the performance of products, complete the following steps:

Create an exception in McAfee for the DWF extension located at c: program files common files a shared dwf common dwfshellextension.dll

Configure McAfee to exclude file types used by your Autodesk application (for example, DWG, IPT, MAX, etc.)

Configure McAfee to exclude files from your computer

You can also remove these files if you no longer need the installers:

Configure McAfee to exclude the CHM file type to allow Help files to open normally.

Suppose you use the Vault whitelist and edit the Vault working folder and% temp% directory to a specific path that appears on the McAfee whitelist. When using Vault Autoloader, the temporary storage directory is changed to a McAfee whitelisted location.

Note: For best performance, verify that your hardware configuration is equal to or better than the minimum system requirements and install the qualified video driver for your graphics card and operating system. Please refer to the System Requirements and Hardware Qualifications page for the product you have installed for more detailed information.


After installing antivirus, you cannot take full responsibility for the antivirus just because your computer is obviously slower. In reality, there are many factors involved that affect the overall performance of your computer.

Some users may complain that McAfee Antivirus slows down unnoticed by this issue. There are several solutions to this problem.

Disable McAfee real-time scanning

Right-click on the McAfee icon in the lower right corner of your Windows desktop

2. Select Change Settings> Real-time Scan from the menu.

3. In the Real-time Scan status window, click the Shutdown button.

4. Select When to restart your PC from the drop-down menu. Click the Shutdown button to confirm.

Disable McAfee Firewall

1.Right-click on the McAfee icon in the lower right corner of your Windows desktop

2. Select Change Settings> Firewall from the menu.

3. In the Firewall status window, click the Shutdown button.

4. Select When to restart your PC from the drop-down menu. Click the Shutdown button to confirm.

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