All You Need To Know Before Choosing The Ideal Surfboard

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-04-06 15:35:07
All You Need To Know Before Choosing The Ideal Surfboard

If you're ready to invest in a new surfboard, but confused regarding the different shapes & sizes, then you've arrived at the correct place. In this guide, we'll be taking a look at the main factors that you should be inspected before purchasing a surfboard. 

It should be noted that as a surfer, the surfing board that you must choose should be able to complement your needs and not the other way around. At the end of the heyday, you’d definitely want to have fun, and having the ideal surfboard can provide you with the same.

Factors To Look Into Before Choosing A Surfboard

  • The Size & Type Of Waves 

Before you purchase your surfboard from a surf shop online in the UK, you need to ask yourself regarding the type of waves that you plan to ride regularly. Ensure that you have a full idea of the conditions that you'll be facing before you head out to the sea or ocean. In case you're planning to simply cruise on low waves, then you don't need something extraordinary. Alternatively, if you're planning to ride the medium to large waves, then you'll be needing something different that can fit your bill. 

  • The Level Of Ability

Since you're just starting out, find a surfboard that is amateur-friendly and you can use it easily. There's no use in owning a surfboard that you cannot use or stand on it. You need to have a clear idea of what you're capable of and then decide on the type of surfboard.

Try to opt for something that’s not too cheap yet not too costly. Spend your money wisely on a surfboard that will improve your riding experience. Having fun is the most important thing and nothing else. Once you learn the tricks of the trade, you can upgrade your surfboard to something better. Till then, you need to stick to the basics.

  • The Fitness Level

It should come as no surprise that surfboarding is one of the most intense outdoor sports out there. So, your body needs to have a sufficient fitness level to be able to endure the workout that you'll be doing. Without the proper physique and fitness level, you cannot expect to excel at surfboarding. Low fitness levels can hinder your performance.

So, ensure that the surfboard you're buying is easy to paddle through waves. There's no need to spend on costly, large-sized surfboards if you don't have the required fitness levels.

Top Surfboard Characteristics To Look Out For

  • The Buoyancy

The buoyancy of a surfboard can be defined as the maximum ability through which your surfboard floats on the water. This feature is very important because it helps in giving the board a lift when trying to speed up and is also vital in catching unbroken waves. One of the many reasons why larger boards float better because of their buoyancy, which makes them faster on the water. 

  • The Drive

The ability to turn waves by a surfboard is what is meant by the term 'surfboard drive'. Such a feature also helps the rider to push towards forwarding motion when riding a wave. The grip of the fins, the flex of the surfboard and the rail engagement - all three contribute towards the drive. 

Finally, if you’re on the market to purchase some good-quality surfboards, don’t hesitate to check us out through our website. 

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