Relieve your back pain while you sleep

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Publish Date : 2021-05-28 12:22:06
Relieve your back pain while you sleep

Going to bed should be synonymous with an automatic sensation of generalized rest. However, it is not always so. We show you which postures relieve pain and which ones favor it.

Throughout life, we ​​spend so much time under the covers (it is estimated that we spend a third of our time sleeping ) that it is well worth paying attention to how we sleep, that is, whether we do it on our back, on our site or in the fetal position, and if that negatively influences our well-being.

If you do not have any health problems, the recommended position is to sleep on one of the two sides of your back and, above all, not on your stomach.

It is important to choose the pillow and mattress according to your own needs. For this reason, Dr. Saló mentions some specific advice for those who suffer from a specific pathology that manifests itself with discomfort or back pain.


"The most appropriate posture in case of cervical discomfort is on the side, followed by the position on the back (supine position). This is because these positions adapt to the natural curvature of the spine in this area," he says. The expert.

You should avoid the position at all costs if you do not want to make the situation worse is face down. This position forces the head to turn to breathe normally and forces the cervical curvature, causing muscle tension.

You will rest much better and minimize pain as long as you choose a pillow that is neither too high nor too low. Neither very hard nor very soft. The important thing is that the pillow allows you to have your head, spine, and hips in line.


When the problem is in the lats, it is also recommended to sleep on your side (if this position is difficult, lie on your back). By promoting the curvature of the spine, the two postures can relieve tension in this area of ​​the back.

The situation can be made worse if you sleep on your stomach, as doing so causes significant stress to the mid-spine.


Also, in this situation, the doctor recommends resting on the side or the back. However, he advises "to place a pillow or cushion under the knees to flex the legs a little. In this way, we will achieve a better lumbar curvature during the night rest".

It is especially harmful to sleep face down with low back pain since this position modifies the back's curve unfavorably.

The waist is also damaged by sleeping in this way. Bending the back and twisting the legs and/or pelvis can cause discomfort in the waist.


Never sleep on your back, "since the continued pressure in this area favors inflammation, " explains Saló, who advises resting on your side.


If despite everything, you wake up with pain, something may be missing from you ...

When did you change the mattress? If you notice bulges, poor cushioning, or bulging sides, replace them. In addition, it is convenient to rotate it at least four times a year.

How much does your partner weigh? The difference in kilos causes the slimmer to lean to his partner's side and, inadvertently, strain all his muscles.

Do you use a duvet or blankets? Covering yourself with a light duvet will prevent extra pressure on your joints.


In addition to being one of the best postures from the point of view of the joints, experts agree that resting on the left side has numerous benefits that affect other body systems.

Among the relevant ones, we highlight:

Improves digestion. Food that travels through the digestive system thus travels more easily from the large intestine to the colon.

Reduces reflux. As the stomach is located on the left side, it leans more naturally, preventing reflux.

Facilitates blood circulation. This is because the heart is free of pressure.

Learn more about how to relieve lower back pain while sleeping?

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