Is Vaping Really Helpful For Eliminating Depression?

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-11-29 18:03:35
Is Vaping Really Helpful For Eliminating Depression?

Are you having a feeling of being in a depressed state or having a suicidal state in your mind? Are you seeking some products like vaping or e-cigarettes to remove such a phase from your life? Honestly, it is an unending debate that will never stop unless and until you know the right prospects of vaping. Vaping can give you the temptation that it is the most effective way to come out of the sad epoch of your life. But, is it? This writing piece may surely open those gates that have remained undercovered to date for you and ensure that you get all answers. 

First of all, you need to know what vaping is and what creates a general impression of it, creating more affinity towards itself, meaning a sort of incursion. In layman's language, vaping or e-cigarette is actually inhaling of vapors produced by a vaping device. These devices run on batteries and contain liquid that comprises flavorings, chemicals, and nicotine. The space that contains this liquid is called a cartridge or tank. 

Hence, a question must come from your side: what makes these products so harmful that they are not effective against depression and rather aggravate the condition more. The current belief is that vaping products, even like Pax 3 UK, that contain nicotine is probably the biggest reason behind all this mess. This nicotine, when it goes inside the body, affects the brain to produce dopamine. If you have no idea about this dopamine, you must know how vital it is for your body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and works as a chemical messenger between two nerve cells. Hence, somewhere it makes you feel something or allows you to think or plan. With nicotine, there is an alteration in this process, making you become more sensitive to stress. Due to this, you feel like consuming more of such products. 

If you think that there is no concrete reason, let's show some figures and stats obtained from some surveys. Studies and related links are available that showcase vaping is not always the right key to eliminating depression. In fact, in one study, it was found that 9.1% of the surveyed people were e-cigarettes users and were living in a depressed mode for a longer time. Though this figure looks pretty minuscular in terms of proportion, it may take a massive number when it comes to absolute statistics. 

Apart from this, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System has more alarming numbers as it has taken the responses from 900k samples. Researchers through the survey found that almost 34% of the people or adults above aged 18 experienced clinical depression. These people are those who have been constantly in the vaping portion. But what about those who have not vaped at all? In that case, this figure comes down and goes to 15% who feel that they suffer from clinical depression. However, this survey's more alarming and horrifying part is that most people from whom BRFSS has taken responses belong to the 18-25 age bracket. This age bracket is the most attractive target for marketing campaigns of tobacco and e-cigarette companies. 

The worst part about these vaping products is that sometimes they hide the right quantity they have mixed as nicotine in them. Hence, if you are using normal tobacco items or e-cigarettes, you are making yourself vulnerable and susceptible to nicotine and other related products. If you want to consume such products daily, it is highly recommended that you seek those stores or platforms that provide and sell those commodities but with ZERO nicotine. Have the finest vaping experience!

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