Why you should seriously consider waterproofing your home?

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-12-13 14:12:29
Why you should seriously consider waterproofing your home?

When it comes to constructing a new home, one of the first things that you need is to ensure that it has adequate waterproofing in place. Just make sure that all the designated ‘wet zones’ are waterproofed enough and that it has adequate protection against any seepage. Otherwise, it would unnecessarily lead to water seeping through to the important areas of your home leading eventually, to structural damage. And avoiding this issue until later can lead to a hefty expensive repair bill. Just check out some of the reasons that you need to waterproof your home. 

  • Prevents water seepage: One of the main reasons that you need to consider waterproofing in Auckland is to prevent water seepage. If your home has not been constructed properly, then everything from water to drainage runoff can seep through. And such conditions can only lead to a weakened foundation, hazardous living conditions, and additional structural damage, and fixing it can prove to be quite expensive. 

  • Moisture: This is why you need to ensure that your property is adequately protected against water seepage, by waterproofing it. Just keep in mind that you need to get it done when constructing your home. Moisture in any form can be harmful to your home in the long run as it can lead to cracks developing all over your residence which can only lead to water seepage. And this can further weaken your walls, your foundation and even damage the electrical wiring on your property.  More often than not, it would be your basement that would face the brunt as the additional moisture can cause all your stored items to rot. And the only way you can protect your home from such moisture is by waterproofing it.

  • Spalling: if you are in the process of constructing a new home, then you need to realize that apart from water seeping you would also have to consider 'spalling'. Spalling is when the concrete starts to chip and fall apart due to water seepage. This is why you need to get your home waterproofed right at the start when constructing it. Or you would end up dealing with chipped concrete and ledges, walls, and even the new interiors coming to pieces.  

  • Black mold: A black mold is a form of fungus that is deadly to people with a compromised respiratory system such as asthma. While comorbidities can compromise your health, keep in mind that serious health hazards such as mold can impact the health of a young child, whose immune system has not yet fully developed. This is why it is prudent to waterproof your whole home, from the rafters to the basement. Doing so will ensure that it contains no health hazards, while you and the rest of your family can reside there peacefully at zero risk to your health.

  • Moss: If you do not build your home properly, chances are that you would end up with water seepage for prolonged periods. Apart from mold growth, you would also have to deal with other health hazards such as bacterial growth, moss, and more. Just keep in mind that if you are allergic to moss, it can impact your health.

These are some of the reasons that you need to go in for waterproofing at the earliest.

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