Why Safety Signs Are Important

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Publish Date : 2021-05-25 16:41:34
Why Safety Signs Are Important

We are all surrounded by safety signs in our workplaces, shopping malls, and on the roads, but we may not know what some of them mean. Safety signs are intended to warn you of incidents or accidents that are likely to happen.

With that being said, it's essential to know the different types of safety signs and their role in keeping you safe;

  1. Traffic Signs - Road Traffic signs usually are found on the highways or roads to warn or inform motorists of any potential dangers. Various traffic signs have different meanings. Let's get into details of the different types of road traffic signs:
  2. Warning Signs - Warning signs are meant to caution you against something or an event that may cause danger. For example, a traffic warning sign may caution you against a sharp bend or warn you against overtaking.
  3. Advisory Signs - Advisory signs are intended to advise you mainly on the speed limit to keep in certain areas.
  4. Temporary Road Signs - As their name suggests, they are temporarily put to warn you about an activity that is taking place. For example, a temporary sign may warn you of road construction ahead.
  5. Stock Signs - Stock signs are meant to warn you of domestic or wild animals crossing the road. They warn you to stop or slow down to avoid hitting the animals.
  6. Warning Triangles - Warning triangles usually are placed on the road by motorists whose vehicles have broken down. A warning triangle is meant to warn other road users to slow down or avoid the lane where a car has broken down.
  7. Regulatory Signs - Regulatory signs provide information on what you must or must not do to maintain your safety. Regulatory signs include;
  8. Prohibitive Signs - Prohibitive signs are meant to stop you from doing something. For example, you may find a sign prohibiting you from smoking or accessing particular doors or buildings.
  9. Mandatory Signs - Mandatory signs are meant to compel you to do something. For example, if you are visiting a chemical plant, it's compulsory to wear protective clothing.
  10. Hazard Signs - Hazard signs serve to warn you of something that can hurt or kill you. Examples of hazard signs include;
  11. Danger Signs - Danger signs are meant to warn you of impending danger such as high voltage.
  12. Warning Signs - Warning signs are meant to warn you of potential danger, such as a slippery floor.

Importance of Safety Signs

As the name suggests, safety signs are meant to keep you safe. Other benefits of safety signs are:


Safety signs help educate people on how to live safely. In workplaces, you can use these signs to induct new employees regarding the company’s safety procedures.


Road traffic signs help prevent accidents and keep motorists safe, while safety signs in industries and workplaces help prevent injuries and deaths.


Safety signs help secure workplaces and retail stores by prohibiting unauthorized personnel from accessing particular doors.

Safety signs are crucial in preventing death and injuries from accidents in workplaces and on the road. It's essential to know the different safety signs and their meaning to stay safe at the workplace or on the road.

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