What are the different types of LED Sign? Complete Guide

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What are the different types of LED Sign? Complete Guide

It's essential to keep your audience engaged with your LED sign and your message. But if the audience can't read the message, you risk losing them altogether.

Designing messages for your LED signs is all about remembering your audience's point of view. With the information provided below, you won't have to struggle with deciding on the best type of sign for your organization or event. That's because we will cover the basis of LED signs, how they work, and the different types. So read on.

LED signs

They are also known as electronic signs, digital displays, electronic message centers, or even reader boards. They are energy-saving, eco-friendly, long-lasting. They operate in all weather conditions at all times. They also come in many hues in comparison to other lighting. LED signs come in various sizes as well. Also, your messages can be texts, videos, images, animation, or simple graphics.

Kinds of LED signs

  • Monochrome- They use one color, for example, a bright blue. They are best for those on a budget seeking to communicate simple messages.
  • Full color- They use many bright colors and are most attractive. You can display all kinds of impressive, life-like imagery.
  • Tri-color- They use three vibrant colors, for example, green, red, and yellow.
  • Double-sided- You can customize your messages on the two sides of the display. That way, your audience can view from different directions.
  • Backlit/ channel letter- They’re a style where light glows around the sign.
  • Indoor and Outdoor- You can have either sign depending on your advertisement goals. Indoor advertising is done in enclosed spaces, whereas outdoor advertising is done in external spaces. The brightness of your LEDs is vital because your LED sign will have to compete with the sun's brightness to get your message out effectively.

LED signs and Pixel pitch

The pixel pitch categorizes LED signs, so you can determine which best suits your needs. A pixel is a tiny light powered individually to glow with other pixels to make an image on a LED sign. When you closely look at LED groupings, you can see that each pixel has either four LEDs (one blue, one green, and two reds). Or, it has three LEDs (one green, one red, and one blue).

A pixel pitch is a measured distance between the centers of each pixel. A high pixel pitch means that the pixels are farther apart, resulting in a lower resolution. But, a smaller pixel pitch means that the pixels are closer together, resulting in a higher resolution. The smaller the pixel pitch, the more LEDs are in a module.

There's a 26.66 mm sign with the most significant spacing between pixels and, thus, the lowest resolution. Between, there's the 16 mm and the 20 mm. Then there's the 10 mm sign with the smallest spacing between pixels and, thus, a high resolution.

Factors to consider before getting a LED sign

1. Location

The closer your sign will be to your audience, the higher the resolution should be. That also applies if your messages will contain small texts or detailed messages. On the other hand, signs that need to be further away and don't need to display considerable detail can be a lower resolution and still be quite effective.

2. Texts

Keep them simple, big, and clean. Keep the wording brief. Stick to thick heavy fonts to maximize readability. Capital letters are best.

3. Colors

Choosing highly contrasting colors between backgrounds and texts helps the texts stand out. A black outline outside the texts is also a good idea since the shadow separates the text from the background. It’s also wise not to use a white background as it can overpower the texts.

You may be considering purchasing an LED sign. And, as you have seen, you can choose from a whole variety! You can now buy in confidence knowing which LED sign best suits you.

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