Under The Scanner: What to look for in a home inspector?

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-10-13 12:16:52
Under The Scanner: What to look for in a home inspector?

Choosing a reliable home inspector is often more important than the home inspection itself. Purchasing a home is not a joke, but the moment you sign the purchase contract, you can check out the various home inspection companies and home inspectors alike. Given the short time frame, you need to work fast when it comes to selecting the right home inspector. Here's what to look for, in one.

  • Make sure you ask pointed questions: When it comes to the brass tacks, the responsibility for selecting the right person falls on you. That's why, when you are about to choose the perfect home inspector in Alberta, you need to ask relevant questions. The questions themselves can range from “how soon can they start” to “are they certified and licensed to carry out a thorough home inspection". Apart from this, you may also want to find out if they are insured as well since a home inspection is a highly risky process. What's more, an insurance cover would protect you, the inspector as well as the seller from having to face any liabilities, due to a sudden accident on the premises. 

  • Home inspection: You can question the home inspector, as to what the home inspection would cover. You need to understand the process better and what the home inspection would cover. Apart from the interiors and exterior grounds, a home inspection should cover the HVAC systems, plumbing, wiring, and any sudden structural repairs. In that case, the inspector is bound to closely question the seller regarding the repairs that were carried out and the basic reason for the repair. It is strongly advised not to indulge in any coverups, as it would become apparent right away to the inspector - implying that the seller does indeed have something to hide.

  • The format: It is a good idea to find out more about the format that the inspection report would be in. You may want to find out if the report would be detailed enough or would it just list cursory information for you to review and check later on. For example, would the report include pictures and even video files, as supporting material and evidence to back up the initial report? This is something that you may want to question the inspector about.

  • Are you affiliated with any home inspector association? That’s a valid question and one that you need to ask right at the start. You need to find out if the inspector that you had selected is affiliated with any organization. There are several home inspector associations and you can find out if the inspector is affiliated with any of them, as that would imply that the inspector is indeed certified and a real professional. Just keep in mind that affiliation is no guarantee that the Inspector would be able to carry out his duties. Rather it is just a suggestion that the home inspector does indeed know how to go about a home inspection and you can expect the same standard from him.

These are some of the things that you may want to question the inspector about, so as to zoom in on the perfect fit, for a home inspection.

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