Turkish Airlines: Behind The Scenes

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Turkish Airlines: Behind The Scenes

The aircraft business has developed progressively seriously in the course of recent years, and transporters are continually searching for approaches to separate themselves by updating their food and drink choices, conveniences, and nature of administration to hold and draw in new clients. 


In case you're a regular customer, you may have seen a portion of these redesigns on the client support side of things. In the event that you burrow considerably more profound, nonetheless, you will find that it takes a great deal of difficult work and broad planning in the background to make everything meet up. As of late, Turkish Airlines Booking Number generous offered to furnish us here at LoungeBuddy with a visit through their carrier catering and flight preparing offices at Istanbul Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. This experience gave us a brief look into the exceptionally detailed readiness measure that happens consistently to make as important of an encounter as feasible for Turkish Airlines travelers. 


Turkish Do and Co Catering Facility 

To propel their Skytrax 5-Star Airline goals, Turkish Airlines has put critical measures of assets into overhauling their friendliness and installed administrations. With regards to food planning, Turkish Airlines has enrolled the assistance of Do and Co, an incredibly famous Austrian cooking organization that works in connoisseur aircraft catering. Do and Co has set up a solid and developing presence in the carrier cooking industry in Turkey, with 9 aircraft catering units across significant Turkish air terminals. 


The most huge of these is the lead Turkish Do and Co office at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, which is a joint endeavor between Turkish Airlines and Do and Co. Having as of late been granted by Skytrax for giving the "best business class locally available cooking" experience in 2013, Turkish's endeavors have unmistakably paid off. 


The Turkish Do and Co office at Istanbul Atatürk Airport is staffed by 2,500 food administration laborers who plan 150,000 dinners every day for a normal of 800 flights each day. Most of these dinners, generally 70%, are for Turkish Airlines travelers, while the excess 30% go to travelers on different transporters. Turkish Do and Co give the entirety of the obliging the Turkish Airlines lounges at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, including the cutting edge Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge in the International Terminal. Given that Turkey is a transcendently Muslim country, all food sources arranged at the office are halal-confirmed. 


What's On The Menu For Turkish Airlines? 

The kitchen is a consistent center of the movement - open 24 hours every day, 7 days per week. Work is part into three separate movements for the duration of the day in a mechanical production system setting. The hot kitchen readies all hot food things one day before they are served on a leaving flight. After these things are cooked, they are bit by bit brought down to refrigeration temperature, before they are put away on a flight administration truck in the cool stockpiling region. In this space, they will stay, at any rate until it's an ideal opportunity to bring them on board the plane. Prior to serving, the food is warmed up in a warm installed stove. 


The office has a different allergen kitchen, where 15 uncommon sorts of suppers are set up to oblige travelers with unique dietary prerequisites. Gluten-free? You got it. Veggie lover? Forget about it. More than 400,000 slices of bread and 40 distinct kinds of bread are arranged and served by Turkish Do and Co consistently - pretty amazing numbers. A slight lion's share, 204,000 pieces, are served on homegrown flights, while the lay is served on worldwide takes. New natural products are conveyed every day from the most fruitful fields in Turkey to the office, where they are hand cut and arranged carefully by the staff. On the off chance that you believe you're doing great, you positively haven't met the individuals from the cutlery staff, who move up to 2000 cutlery sets each day. 


Dinner Options: Something For All Tastes 

For Turkish Airlines travelers, dinner decisions differ dependent on your flight class and excursion length. On global flights, there is consistently at any rate one public dinner decision. In the event that you are on a long stretch worldwide departure from Istanbul to Los Angeles (LAX), almost certainly, you'll have a Turkish dish and an all-American plate among your alternatives. Turkish Airlines business class travelers might have the option to test a choice of fish appetizers or a delightful customary Turkish dish of anchovies and rice pilav. 


For more limited flights, say homegrown trips inside Turkey and outings from Istanbul to close Athens, Greece, your supper could be a scrumptious cheddar sandwich, an organic product cup, and a little plate of mouth-watering Turkish meze (canapés). 


Turkish Airlines Menus: Customized, Creative, and Commemorative 

To recognize debut trips on new courses out of the Istanbul supercenter, Turkish Airline's prints exceptionally planned themed menus dependent on the flight's objective. At LoungeBuddy, we like to think we have an eye for inventiveness, and we are dazzled. 


For a debut Turkish Airlines departure from Istanbul to Russia, there's an extraordinary menu tucked inside a conventional Russian matryoshka doll. For the launch from Istanbul to London-Gatwick, you'll discover a menu dependent on the universal red London telephone stall. 


Turkish Airlines Meal Carts 

Contingent upon the class of movement and the length of a specific Turkish Airlines flight, a solitary feast truck can hold suppers for up to 70 travelers. On a medium take departure from Istanbul to London, you'll have the option to fit 56 standard economy class plates onto a standard truck. Furthermore, for a more drawn-out trip with 2 dinner administration periods? 28 economy-class feast compartments for the first assistance and 42 for the second help. On extremely short flights enduring around 60 minutes, you can fit around 70 suppers encloses to a truck, because of the more modest size of these dinners. 


Cold Storage Room 

Before the dinner trucks are stacked on a flight, they are put away vulnerable (and we mean cold) extra space of the office, which has 26 entryways and an armada of more than 100 trucks and 30 vehicles. This armada is exclusively answerable for moving feast trucks from the extra space to the airplane, and that's it, making them profoundly effective at what they do. After a flight shows up into Istanbul, the armada will get feast trucks from the airplane, which are ordinarily loaded up with messy dishes and flatware and any reject that were reloaded onto the trucks. The waste is discarded, and dishes and flatware are washed and cleaned nearby at the office so they are sparkling and shimmering, prepared for use on a forthcoming flight. 


To augment newness, the dinner trucks are stacked with newly prepared food and moved by truck from the chilly storeroom to the plane inside a day after the suppers are readied. Every dinner truck is labeled with the flight number on which it will be used, just as a rundown of the various food varieties and refreshments that the truck contains, downplaying disarray, in the event that it exists by any stretch of the imagination. In a perfect world, the stacking cycle happens around 3 to 4 hours before a flight is planned to withdraw; nonetheless, in outrageous cases, this interaction could occur not long after takeoff if the inbound airplane has a tight turnaround time. 


The Central Command Center 

The core of the office is the catering the executive's office, which manages the perplexing organization strategy of getting every one of the suppers to the perfect plane at the perfect time. Like an airport regulation focus, this office is indispensably critical to ensuring that the entirety of the parts is cooperating as a perfectly tuned symphony. On the off chance that anyone piece of the activity separates, flights may not get the food that they need, subsequently postponing the flight's takeoff. Subsequently, it is essential that the people who work here stay large and in charge. 


To ensure that everything at the office is running along wonderfully, the cooking the board office screens the entirety of the movement that happens at the office, from the sequential construction systems where the food is set up to the areas of every one of the trucks that are shipping feast trucks from the cool storage space to the airplane. 


It's Time For The Presentation 

A fundamental piece of food administration on Turkish Airlines is the rich introduction of your supper. Contingent upon your group of administration: economy, comfort (otherwise called premium economy), or business, and length of the flight: homegrown, global, and broadened range (also known as long stretch), there are different plate settings that range from a feast box with a cheddar sandwich, organic product cup, little plate of Turkish hors d'oeuvres, and cup of water to more detailed plate settings. These inexorably byzantine formats maximize with various utensils, a few glasses and plates, and surprisingly a tea kettle and customary cezve, an uncommonly planned pot for making Turkish espresso. 


Preparing For Perfection 

Another critical piece of Turkish Do and Co's activities is committed to the Do and Co Academy, which gives lodge groups preparing to guarantee the greatest of client assistance installed. The Academy broadcasts itself as the most current lodge team preparing focus in Europe, and we absolutely wouldn't re-think this attestation. All things considered, they have an extraordinary impression with the cutting edge inside plan. The foundation gives instructional meetings, general and customized cordiality programs, serious lodge administration preparing, and extraordinary kitchen courses covering food and drink, warming, and plating (the game plan of food on a plate to build a dish's tasteful allure) rules to guarantee that the lodge group on board is gung-ho and prepared for work. 


There are more than 500 Skychefs dealing with Turkish Airlines Reservation Number flights and in their air terminal parlors. These Skychefs are staff individuals who are explicitly committed to the onboard cooking experience. Skychefs are uncommonly prepared for feast arrangement, blending proposals, and plating ready - master

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