Right Way to Clean Velvet Furniture

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Right Way to Clean Velvet Furniture


Picking velvet furniture is deciding to make an intense style proclamation in your space—there's no disregarding its delicate sheen, rich tone, and inborn polish. In any case, velvet's ordering presence additionally implies that any staining or stains are significantly more noticeable. No seriously concealing a dusty condo… when the daylight hits a velvet love seat, there's no concealing those irritating, hypersensitivity inciting particles.


Anthropologie's site has pages of faint commendable velvet couches and seats to examine, so who better to request counsel on the best way to clean velvet? As indicated by Anne White, the brand's head of home insides individual styling, the primary thing you should consider is quite random to the furniture. "On the off chance that you've decided on a splendid, luxuriously pigmented shading, similar to naval force or chartreuse, we suggest staying away from direct daylight, which can make the texture blur," she says. "Consider window covers adequately generous to ensure your piece however exquisite enough to grab the attention. The innovation for window films, which block the sun's beams without obstructing your view, has improved and might be another road to investigate." Craving more velvet cleaning tips? Peruse on to figure out how to clean velvet furniture and shield it from mileage and those unavoidable spills.

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  • Vacuum
  • Absorbent cloth
  • Soap and water or an upholstery cleaner
  • Soft brush


Vacuum the fabric

Recollect those bothersome residue particles we were discussing? All things considered, as far as standard support, all you need to do to the actual thing is give it a decent tidying. "We suggest ordinary vacuuming," says Anne. "A delicate brush can likewise slacken surface earth and brush it away."

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Tackle spills the right way

On the off chance that a companion ends up spilling their mixed drink on your love seat, White proposes smearing the region quickly with a clean, dry permeable fabric. We then, at that point prescribe commanding said companion to an alternate spot in your home. Nobody loves a gathering foul.

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Test cleaning products

On the off chance that a dried mess is looking straight at you and you just can't resist the urge to take care of business, test any cleaning item (even essential cleanser and water) on a secret spot to guarantee it doesn't destroy the texture. Blend cleanser and water to make a frothy arrangement. Utilize a delicate material to blotch the mess with the bubbles, then, at that point let the texture dry totally.

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Brush the fabric

"When the velvet is dry, utilize a delicate, dry brush toward the heap to reestablish its heading and space," says Anne. This will give the velvet that pristine, never-been-contacted look.

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Turn to a professional

If all else fails, request help. "It's ideal to expertly clean the whole piece to guarantee the shading stays uniform," Anne clarifies. "To guarantee your velvet furniture stays in ideal condition, you ought to have it expertly cleaned with unadulterated, without water solvents." Next up? Sit back, unwind, and make the most of your all around great upholstery.

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