Reasons to Choose 9 GEMS scholarship

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Reasons to Choose 9 GEMS scholarship

Each meriting understudy has the appropriate for the most awesome aspect instruction. scholarships give a stage to understudies to get quality schooling with the correct sort of monetary guide.

At the point when an understudy gets a scholarship, it gives a lift to their scholastics and their certainty to seek after their fantasies. 

scholarships in schools are offered to understudies dependent on their scholastic exhibition, however the Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Abu Dhabi offers not many of the best scholarships that focus on scholastics just as ability and abilities of the understudies.

GIIS is a presumed school in Abu Dhabi began by the Global Foundation Schools. The school offers CBSE educational program with current advancements and creative intuition alongside solid qualities and morals that set up the understudy to confront the future unique worldwide climate.

GIIS offers different scholarships for worldwide understudies like the GIIS Super Star Scholarship, Global Citizen Scholarship, and The Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship which centers around the scholastic greatness of understudies, yet the restrictive one offered is the 9 GEMS scholarship. This scholarship is given to understudies for their select and extraordinary abilities and ability.

9 GEMS scholarship is an honor winning scholarship focusing on the abilities and character of the understudies and offers a comprehensive instructing system guaranteeing the inside and out improvement of understudies. This scholarship instructs understudies to think past scholastics, yet in addition shows them the significance of collaboration and sportsmanship.

The primary focal point of the 9 GEMS scholarship is to fabricate solid qualities, control and character attributes.

Why apply for 9 GEMS Scholarship?

Significance of qualities and order

Today a large portion of the understudies need esteems and order which makes them more powerless to wrongdoings and stress. To adjust their scholastics and individual lives, GIIS follows an educational program that offers significance to qualities and character working at an extremely youthful age to kids. This makes an awareness of certain expectations and causes them to develop as sure residents of things to come.

Exceptional freedom

Praiseworthy understudies great in scholastics consistently have colossal scholarship openings, however understudies with enormous ability and abilities have next to no chances to get the correct sort of scholarships. 9 GEMS scholarship offers extraordinary freedoms to global understudies to sharpen their abilities and character.


Being scholarshiped with lofty scholarships causes understudies to be ahead in rivalry. 9 GEMS scholarship helps in perceiving an understudy's actual inward ability and potential. Global understudies with the correct sort of abilities and victors in their zones ought not pass up on their chance to apply to this scholarship.

Monetary guide

scholarships are significantly conceded to understudies to facilitate the monetary weight of guardians. On the off chance that you are a meriting competitor, get this chance to satisfy your fantasies without troubling your folks for monetary help.

Comprehensive educating

9 GEMS scholarship offers an extraordinary instructing system that engages an understudy to sharpen their general character and set them up to be future pioneers and business visionaries.

Fundamental highlights of the 9 GEMS Scholarship

· This is an elite scholarship for worldwide understudies who ought to concentrate in GIIS. They might be existing or new understudies of the school.

· The scholarship is offered for a time of one year.

· This scholarship can be benefited by understudies concentrating between fifth – eleventh guidelines.

· Students should be champs in any of the 9 GEMS abilities that incorporate games, dance, music, instrumental music, scholarly rivalries, combative techniques, drawing and STEM.

· The scholarship is given dependent on the class the understudy has a place with that is A, B, C individually.

· Students applying for this scholarship should be inhabitants of UAE.

Qualification standards

· Applicants should have substantial visa duplicates and Emirates ID.

· The understudy ought to have won public or global acknowledgment in the 9 GEMS expertise zones or ought to have done a type of local area administration or showed remarkable initiative abilities.

What amount of scholarship sum the understudies are qualified for with 9 GEMS scholarship?

The 9 GEMS scholarship is allowed to understudies dependent on their abilities and ability. The scholarship sum relies on the class the understudy has a place with.

1. In the event that the understudy is among the main three situations in the public level that is in India in any of the 9 abilities then they have a place with class A with a charge waiver of 20% on educational expenses.

2. In the event that the understudy is the champ in the opposition at UAE level in any of the 9 abilities then they have a place with class B with a charge waiver of 15% on educational expenses.

3. In the event that the understudy is the champ in the entomb school level in the 9 GEMS then they have a place with class C with a 10% charge waiver on the educational expenses.

How would I apply for the 9 GEMS Scholarship?

Applying for scholarships offered by GIIS is very basic.

To apply, you need to visit the school's true site and discover the application structure in the scholarships tab.

Stage 1: Then round out the application and validate the archives which incorporates:

· Past two years scholastic records

· Visa duplicate and Emirates ID of guardians and understudies

· Achievement testaments

Stage 2: Selected understudies will be implied through email inside ten working days.

Stage 3: Formal appraisal will be led.

Stage 4: The last round of understudies will have one-on-one meetings if necessary.

Stage 5: The last scholarship deed is endorsed by the understudies and they are all set.

As a global understudy, on the off chance that you need to adjust among scholastics and character, and need to improve the abilities you are acceptable at then apply for the 9 GEMS scholarship.

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