MDF Vs. Solid Wood Boards: Advantages and Disadvantages

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MDF Vs. Solid Wood Boards: Advantages and Disadvantages

MDF and solid wood are both types of timber, and they are popular. So, like most people, you probably are familiar with the terms.

The question is: if you have to choose between the two, what would you pick?

Most people would go for solid wood because they believe it is better than MDF wood board.

But how true is that? You be the judge.

In this article, you will learn more about MDF and solid wood boards, including their advantages and disadvantages.

  • MDF

MDF is an acronym for Medium Density Fiber. It is a type of wood material made by compressing several byproducts together with resin and wax. It is much denser compared to plywood and is usable in both commercial and residential constructions.

Advantages of MDF

There are several advantages of MDF. These include

It has a smooth surface

It does not have kink and knots

It is hard to flex or crack

It is cheap

It is easy to find

It is a perfect material for cabinetry

It is eco friendly

It is attractive

It is easier to stain and paint

It is versatile

Disadvantages of MDF

Below are the drawbacks of MDF

It is heavier, even more than solid wood

It requires a lot of support to install

It is easy to damage yet impossible to repair

It is highly susceptible to moisture and extreme heat

It cannot support too much weight; if the weight you put exceeds its limits, the MDF wood board will sag.

  • Solid Wood

The term solid wood did not exist up until when MDF entered the market as a substitute product. Before that, it was just wood.

Solid wood is a type of timber taken directly from the trees. It is not manmade like MDF.

There are so many types of solid wood. The most popular ones include

  • Cedar
  • Eucalyptus
  • Oregon
  • Birch
  • Ash
  • Pine
  • Beech
  • Teak
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut


Advantages of Solid Wood

It is environmental friendly

It is authentic and visually appealing. It can create a touch of nature in a home,

It is durable

Using it in your home can help boost the value of your property

It has a luxurious look

It is easy to maintain and clean

It is unique; every piece of wood is different

It is fit to use for all homes; solid wood is customizable, meaning it can go well with any style in your home.

Disadvantages of Solid Wood

Solid wood is susceptible to moisture, especially if it has a scratched surface.

It is expensive

It is prone to damage due to both heat and cold

It is vulnerable to termites and pests infestation

When used as a flooring material, solid wood can be very noisy when walking

Solid wood has a high density making it harder to work with


After making this comparison, there is a question, between these two, which one is better? MDF or solid wood?

As you can see, both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Your ideal choice will depend on your needs. Some people will go for MDF, and others will go for solid wood. You can take the help of an expert to make an informed decision.

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