Insurance Claims Attorney: an understanding on Practice Areas

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Publish Date : 2021-12-28 10:53:40
Insurance Claims Attorney: an understanding on Practice Areas

Having insurance can serve a number of uses, counting on the type of policy you are insured under and the reasons for which you need insurance in the first place. After getting into an accident or undergoing  property damage at no fault of your own, policyholders are generally eligible to file a claim with their insurance company in order to claim for compensation—based on coverage requirements and other conditions detailed in their individual policy.

Filing a claim for damages that have come from an environmental disaster, property damage, or another incident for which you are insured is common. These incidents can often result in significant financial strain without insurance, on top of other physical or psychological distress. Securing compensation from insurance, however, is not always easy.

Sometimes insurance companies, from auto insurance, to health insurance and property insurance companies can undervalue, underpay, deny, or otherwise mismanage insurance claims that come their way. In times of stress, this is the last issue that individuals and business owners want to have to deal with.

We have vintage insurance claim attorney Fort Lauderdale those are wrapped up to helping policy holders dispute claims issues they are having with their insurers—whether it be for cyclone damage, an auto accident claim, health insurance claim, or damages related to property.

Speaking to an  insurance claim attorney Fort Lauderdale about your situation can give you a better idea of what your legal options are and how you can acquire the most out of your insurance claims settlement.

Common types of insurance disputes encompass:

  • auto insurance claims
  • business interruption claims
  • commercial property insurance claims
  • condominium property insurance claims
  • disability insurance claims
  • government and municipality claims
  • health insurance claims
  • hotel damage claims
  • hurricane insurance claims
  • life insurance claims
  • long-term care insurance claims
  • residential property insurance claims
  • restaurant insurance claims

Major Reasons For Insurance Claim Denials

Insurance companies may state a variety of reasons for why they’ve decided to deny or seemingly undervalue claims. For people who are legitimately seeking compensation for damages, this can be confusing and become a tricky situation to re-direct. Upon receiving an unexpected denial or low payout offer, policyholders may often ask themselves questions such as:

There are explanations why an insurance company may deny a claim filed by a policyholder.

Counting up on the language that is used in the policy, and the types of sum offered, insurers may interpret a claim to be ineligible, or otherwise interpret the coverage in such a way that it cuts down the payout owed to the policyholder.

Common reasons insurance companies give when denying or undervaluing a claim include:

  • the insurance company has determined that no covered loss happened
  • their adjusters have figured out your losses to be ineligible for coverage, or excluded from your policy
  • the damages are determined to fall below the policy deductible
  • their adjusters claim the damages are less than what the insured is claiming

Not every issue that policyholders find themselves facing with their insurance company is needfully a denial or undervalued claim. Misdirection of claims, or unneeded complication of the claims process, are also issues sometimes practiced by insured parties.

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