Important things not to do after a car accident!

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-05-10 20:10:28
Important things not to do after a car accident!

Open the Internet and search for the things “I should do after a car accident”! You will get a long list of essays written on the various important steps that you have to take immediately post a sudden car crash or an accident. What you don't get to read is what you shouldn't do at this time. That is why often you take some steps which are absolutely wrong and aren't acceptable at this point of time. And that’s when we thought of putting a post just to guide you about what you shouldn't do immediately after a car accident.

Not to do things immediately after a car accident!

“The car accident was so dreadful that I have to sell my old car for scrap to Used Car Buyers” - you would say! Yes, we totally understand your point and since they are one of the highest paying takers for junk cars, going to them is natural. But even after so much damage happening to your car, remember not to do these things after an accident.

  • Leave the accident spot — It is not at all wise to leave the accident spot immediately post the incident. You never know you might be framed as guilty even if you weren't at fault because of this step. And you should wait for the further important steps following the accident so that you aren't at loss. (Only leave it if you are badly injured and the medical help isn’t arriving for you soon and you need to go for medical aid.)
  • Get angry — You faced a terrible loss because of this accident. Even your life was at risk. But it doesn't mean that you should get angry at this point of time and start quarreling and fighting. This will only prolong the issue and create further problems. Remember to stay calm and take the situation to your stride with a clear mind until the police arrive.
  • Forget to call the police — Now, this is not something to be forgotten. Never ever miss calling the police when such an accident happens. You definitely need to record the incident legally and calling the police is essential.
  • Miss to jot down the important information about the opposite vehicle — Before you leave the accident site, remember to jot down the important information about the other vehicle involved in the accident. Don't forget to take the pictures of the vehicle along with jotting down the plate number, color of the vehicle, etc.
  • Neglect the after steps — There are lots of follow-up steps to do post an accident. Like, you have to call your insurance company and claim the amount that may go for its repair. You have to take the car to the panel beaters or the mechanic for servicing, you may have to even go for a medical check-up just to ensure that you are alright. Never ever neglect any of these steps after an accident.

A car accident is definitely an unfortunate event to happen. But if you stay calm and be very wise in all your actions, you will get over this mishap pretty soon.

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