Easy Process For Know The Islamic Rights in Court Marriage in Pakistan

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Easy Process For Know The Islamic Rights in Court Marriage in Pakistan

Islamic Rights in Court Marriage in Pakistan:

For the cases of court marriage in Pakistan and child custody in Pakistan Nazia Law Associates is the best law firm. While good deeds are rewarded, the evil deeds may be forgiven by repentance, but in any case, no one will be punished with a more severe penalty than justice demands. Even the rulers are not above the law in an Islamic State irrespective of court marriage in Pakistan and child custody in Pakistan. Islam unequivocally demands that all officials of the Islamic State, irrespective of whether he is the head of State or an ordinary employee, must be treated equally in the eyes of the law. None is above the law or can claim immunity.  For Court marriage in Lahore & Court Marriage in Lahore Pakistan you need to hire the lawyer. They know the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan & Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan

Ordinary Citizen in an Islamic State:

Even an ordinary citizen in an Islamic State has the right to put forward a claim or file a legal complaint against the country's ruler irrespective of court marriage in Pakistan and child custody in Pakistan.  Caliph 'Umar narrated the following incident.  "I have myself seen the Prophet (PBUH), may God's blessings be on him, taking vengeance against himself (punishing himself for some drawbacks or failing)." At the moment of the Battle of Badr, when the Prophet (PBUH) was aligning the rows of the Muslim army, he hit the pelvis of a soldier to push him back in line.

In Islamic View:

The soldier opposed, "O Prophet, you have hurt me with your cane." The Prophet immediately bared his pelvis and said: "I am very sorry, you can take revenge by doing the same to me." The soldier moved ahead and kissed the Prophet's abdomen (PBUH) and said that this was all that he wanted.  There are other incidents as well. A woman from a high and noble family was arrested in connection with a theft. The case was brought before the Prophet, suggesting that may spare her the punishment imposed for theft. To the Prophet (PBUH) replied: "The nations that lived before God destroyed you because they punished the common men for offenses and let their notables go unpunished for crimes; I swear by Him (God) who holds my life in His hand that even if Fatimah, (the daughter of Muhammad), had committed this crime I would have amputated her hand."That was the standard of justice and equality, practiced without distinction as to relationship, religion, race, color, or creed, during the Prophet's time (PBUH).

Child Custody in Pakistan:

This standard regarding court marriage in Pakistan and child custody in Pakistan was emulated and maintained by his successors- the rightly guided Caliphs.  During the caliphate of 'Umar (the rightly-guided Caliph), Muhammad, son of 'Amr ibn al-As, the Governor of Egypt, whipped an Egyptian Christian. The aggrieved Christian subject went to Medina and complained with the Caliph, who invited the Governor and his son to Medina. When they came before him in Medina, the Caliph gave a whip to the Egyptian (the complainant) and asked him to whip the governor's son in his presence. After taking his revenge on the son when the Egyptian was about to hand over the whip to 'Umar, the Caliph said to the Egyptian: "Give one stroke of the whip to the Governor as well. His son would definitely have not beaten you were it not for the false pride that he had in the high office of his father."

 The Accusor submitted:

"The person, who had beaten me, I have already punished myself on him." 'Umar said: "By God if you had beaten the governor, I would not have examined you from doing so. You have pardoned him of your own free will." Then he ('Umar) furiously turned to 'Amr ibn al-'Äs and said: "O 'Amr, when did you start to subjugate the people, though they were born free of their mothers?"  While describing the development of the justice system during the early period of Islam irrespective of court marriage in Pakistan and child custody in Pakistan, historians recorded that even a common person could lodge complaints against the caliphs of the time in the court.

The caliph had to come before the qadi to answer the charges. And if the caliph had accused any citizen, he could not use his powers and authority to set the situation right but had to refer the case to the court of law for proper adjudication. Our lawyer in Lahore Pakistan is here for services of court marriage.

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