Desert safaris in Dubai do not have to be expensive and you can find cheap deals all over the internet. There are all sorts of different companies that are set

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Desert safaris in Dubai do not have to be expensive and you can find cheap deals all over the internet. There are all sorts of different companies that are set

Dubai has more than just a few beach resorts; there are exciting desert safaris too. The tour includes all the traditional activities such as Belly Dancing, Dune Bashing, Sand Dashing, Bull Riding, Snake riding, Batabano wrestling and camel riding. Not only this, your palate is also well taken care of, non-vegetarian BBQ meals with non-veg optional dishes are served on your Desert Safari Tour. A desert safari is the best way to see the desert. All the best desert safari tour operators would guide you to the various attractions in the area.

The Red Sea coast offers some of the best beach resorts to spend your desert safari Dubai. Most of these resorts are around Sharm el Sheikh on the western coast. Sharm el Sheikh is the worlds' most expensive beach resort; so it is not surprising that the place is full of high-class shops and exclusive resorts. You would be spoilt for choice while staying here. It has all the facilities you could ever need including restaurants, spas, casinos and golf courses.

Another luxury desert safari in Dubai is at Deira. Here you will have the pleasure of visiting two beautiful villages Deira and Fayed. These two villages are famous for Fayed's large textile mills, while Deira is known for its souks and for its harbour. Fayed village is one of the largest industrial towns in all of the Middle East, and Deira provides an excellent window to the desert by taking you to its port where the largest container ships from all over the world come to deir.

When you take a desert safari in Dubai, you can expect to experience four days of intense excitement. On day one you can start out by having your camel ride to the Al Hajar Mountains. The drive takes about three hours, so you should have plenty of time to take a stop off and go exploring the various villages and camps along the way. The easiest way to reach the main camp is to take a 4x4 drive from the airport. The most prominent landmark in the area is the Al Hajar Mountains which you will be able to see from your spot. Once you have reached the desert camp you will have the option of spending several days camping out or enjoying the numerous activities available in the area such as camel riding, sand boarding, dune bashing and wind surfing.

After a full day of fun in the sun you may want to take a leisurely drive to the Shilajit Desert. At Shilajit you will find a wide array of activities including hot air ballooning, trekking, hiking and climbing. You can even spend a night camping at one of the many sites dotted around the area. The hot air balloon is an exciting way to see the area and there are various companies offering this service throughout the year. If you prefer something a little less high-tech than you might want to try one of the hot air balloon rides that are available in Dubai.

Another popular desert safari in Dubai is found in the Al Ghazalah Desert. This area has some of the most spectacular scenery available and offers the ultimate in relaxation. A desert safari in Dubai will allow you to take in the stunning craggy mountains and mesmeric plains that will surround you and allow you to get lost in the great outdoors.

As well as seeing the incredible scenery of the Al Ghazalah desert you will also have the option of taking a hot air balloon ride. The hot air balloon ride is among the most popular attractions in Dubai and is offered daily at certain times during the year. This can often be a good option for those who are not sure if they can commit to a visit to the area or for those who need a little bit of a break from the sands of the desert. The ride is usually around fifteen minutes long and although there are no animals it is still a unique experience. It gives the traveler a chance to take a look over the stunning waters of the Persian Gulf.

Desert safaris in Dubai do not have to be expensive and you can find cheap deals all over the internet. There are all sorts of different companies that are set up to cater for those who like to travel in style and on a budget. Taking a desert safari in Dubai is a fun and exciting way to spend a day but make sure that you are able to afford the trip. It is important to plan well ahead of time so that you can avoid any last-minute snags or delays. Just because it's cheap does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality when it comes to your safari.

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