Choosing A Safety Playground

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Choosing A Safety Playground

Kids love to run around, climb and slide. This type of play helps kids build coordination and strength but it also increases the risk for injuries, including concussions. To minimize the risks, make sure playgrounds have a surface with good impact attenuation such as wood chips or safety-tested rubber. The ground covering should extend out 6 feet from equipment and be maintained regularly.

Safety Surfaces

Children can be so engrossed in play that they forget to watch where they are going. Falls are responsible for a large number of playground injuries and it is important to make sure the surfacing underneath and around equipment is impact-absorbing. Industry safety guidelines and Health & Safety good practice recommend a minimum of 12 inches of compressed loose-fill surfacing under and around play equipment. Loose-fill surfacing options include wood mulch, sand and shredded rubber. Asphalt, blacktop, concrete and grass should not be used as they provide the least amount of cushion for a fall.

Another popular choice is bonded rubber. This unitary surface consists of clean, shredded recycled tire material that is bonded together to create an environmentally responsible safety product. It can be installed in a variety of colors and offers mid to low maintenance. It is available in a wide range of critical fall heights and can be designed to accommodate ADA accessibility.


Up to 1.9 million children each year are treated for concussion, and playground accidents are often the cause. This is why playground supervision is so critical. Supervision is active, not passive; it requires attention, awareness and intervention when dangerous behavior or equipment use occurs. Teachers, substitutes, parents and after school workers should receive training on responsibilities and techniques for playground supervision.

Consider creating surveillance zones, and making sure that your playground is free of visual barriers that would prevent an adult from monitoring all areas of the playground from a single point. For example, rock walls or equipment may create blind spots in your supervision zone. Also, make sure that the area around each piece of equipment is shaded so that children do not overheat or get sunburned. Lastly, create an emergency procedures checklist for supervisors to reference in case of an injury or emergency and to carry with them as they monitor the kids playing on the 안전놀이터.

Age-Appropriate Equipment

A playground that is geared for toddlers and pre-school kids should have equipment that is appropriate to their physical capabilities. This type of equipment should allow for a wide range of motion, while also promoting development of gross motor skills. Equipment that is geared for school age children should be able to meet the growth in their fine and gross motor skills, as well as their balance and coordination. It should also allow them to use their creativity and imagination while taking some risks to promote healthy development.

Having the right age-appropriate equipment is also important to help minimize frustration amongst kids. If a piece of equipment is too large or advanced for their physical abilities, they may become frustrated and not want to play at all. While more challenging equipment is desirable, it should never come at the cost of safety. The equipment should be inspected to make sure that it meets all applicable safety standards.


Playgrounds allow children to develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. However, the playground environment must be safe to ensure this development is not compromised. Keeping the equipment and surfacing clean is one of the most important aspects of maintaining safety. This includes a thorough inspection of equipment, surfaces and surrounding areas. In addition, teaching kids the proper way to use the equipment - such as using both hands when swinging, going down slides feet first and sitting up - will help prevent injuries.

Regular maintenance should also include examining the equipment for signs of wear, vandalism and insect damage. A good maintenance program should involve a designated individual (e.g., center director, school administrator or facility manager) who can perform these checks, as well as record findings and take appropriate action. These individuals may also be able to offer training on industry safety standards, inspection procedures and maintenance guidelines. A complete maintenance kit is also helpful in assisting with these tasks, which should include head and neck protrusion gauges and head entanglement probes.

Wrapping It Up

A visit to the playground can be more than just fun — it can help kids get the physical activity they need. But parents should look for equipment and surfacing that meet safety standards. Safe surfaces include wood chips, mulch or shredded rubber under play equipment that is at least 7 feet high. Avoid concrete, asphalt, hard-packed soil or grass.

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