7 Quick and Easy Face Paint Ideas for Kids and Adults

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Publish Date : 2021-12-19 16:31:03
7 Quick and Easy Face Paint Ideas for Kids and Adults

Face painting isn’t just a hobby. While face painting sessions spell a lot of fun, especially for kids, there’s more to your ideas than entertaining your tiny tots or nephews and nieces. You could put your talent to good use as a professional. If that sounds like something you want to do, then keep honing your skills. Here are paint ideas that you could try out with kids and adults alike.

Tiger Face

This is an excellent option to try out. Whether you’re doing the face paint for kids or adults in your household, treat both of them as stand-ins for your future clients. And because tiger face paint is one of the easiest to do, especially for beginners, don’t worry. Show off your skills and have fun learning until you master this design.

Butterfly Face

One of the most popular face paint ideas is butterflies. Lots of kids love them and so do plenty of adults as well. You could start with pastel colors. Look for designs that suit your client. If you’re like most of everybody else, you’re likely spending tons of time at home. Try to pick colors that you know to go well with the person you are doing the face paint for, whether it’s a child or adult. It’s one way to improve your skills as a face painter.

Skull Face

You can go beyond the gory and scary skeleton designs, though. Think skull but glamorous. Do it in fiery red or hot pink. You could also add features in electric blue. Think about the best kind of skull you can imagine and do that for your face painting sessions. That’s one way to express your creativity while doing designs that fit the personality of your clients.

Cat Face

Lots of people are feline lovers. They’ll take one look at your face paint design and love it. If you want to get on the good side of most clients, then offer to do a feline or cat transformation. That’s an effective way to draw in more clients to you in the future.

Spiderman Face

If you’ve got kids who love spiderman, then do what you can to make sure you don’t disappoint them. Start practicing spiderman face painting, even on your own. That way, when they ask for that design, you’ll be confident that you can pull it off.

Favorite Character Face

What is the person’s favorite character? If you know them, then this is a piece of cake for you. Whether it’s someone from Frozen or their favorite cartoon character, you can experiment with those faces until you get them perfect.

Food Face

You can do a donut, cake, or candy. You can be a cupcake or your favorite dessert. Think about the colors and face paint ideas that they have. Look at the colors available and which ones are an incredible and fun combination with your clients. By honing your skills through constant practice, pretty soon everyone in your household will start asking you to do face painting for them, too.

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