5 tips to click instagram worthy pictures at a wedding

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-11-10 12:10:46
5 tips to click instagram worthy pictures at a wedding

Any dress-up event you attend is an opportunity to click beautiful pictures and put them on social media. After all, the social media timeline is a personal diary for all people who use it and add little details about life to it. These platforms work best for the people who are able to garner attention. The adulation that follows is quite fulfilling for everyone. To get the validation the content has to be different and nice. Pictures in all their glory fetch the most attention and everyone wants to get clicked in their best attires and at best locations. Weddings are the once-in-a-lifetime events that need to be captured in the best way possible. Here is a list of tips to click Instagram-worthy pictures at a wedding. Make it worth your while.


Professionals know the best and do better than most amateur photographers. For an eventful day like the wedding hiring a professional photographer is imperative to capture the best photographers. Do your research to check with the best photographers and learn about their feedback on online portals. Never choose a photographer without thoroughly knowing about them.


Imagining the final moments of your wedding is absolutely important to understand what is wanted from the final photographs. Decide a theme or a color palette beforehand to avoid any last-minute confusion. Devise a plan for the photography. Install a photographing booth at a certain section of the wedding venue where everyone can get beautiful and memorable pictures clicked at the event. Plan about the members that should be included in various photographers. Also, plan the events that need to be captured without fail.


The combination of the intensity of lighting in every frame is an essential element of every photograph. So many illusions can be explored and explored in a photograph just by changing the lighting system. Some pictures can be taken against the backdrop of a sunset or a sunrise to give the final shot a dreamy look. Never underestimate the power of different light intensities and colors on a photograph. Every picture gets an original and different treatment by the difference in light intensity. Such pictures surely garner a lot of appreciation on social media platforms.


Having a focussed shot of a moment is always a good idea. Use multiple layers in a frame and give it a different look. Capture the foreground, the background, and everything in a frame and look how the final shot turns out. Such techniques should be used with candid shots and let the magic unfold. In Adelaide wedding photographer use this trick to capture candid shots of their clients.


Clear communication between the clients and the photographers is absolutely essential to understand the vision of the customers. The wedding photographers ought to have a penchant for listening and understanding the requirements of the clients to avoid final-day confusions and heartbreaks. This is the reason communication skills play such a big part in the quality of the final picture.

Pictures are the only way to remember and appreciate precious moments of a wedding. They should be clicked meticulously and creatively to capture the essence of the moment. A picture speaks a thousand words, makes the right decisions before the event and hires the right kind of people for the event. Explore various backgrounds and frames to capture social media-worthy pictures. Hair and makeup artists should be communicated with to ensure the total effect is not compromised. 

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