5 Main Secrets That Real Estate Brokers Dont Want You to Discover

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Publish Date : 2021-02-24 11:37:27
5 Main Secrets That Real Estate Brokers Dont Want You to Discover

Whether you're a new or an experienced homebuyer, you have to know that some or even most real estate agents aren't as chatty as they appear to be. These professionals have knowledge about everything there is to know about the house. They can tell you the square-footage in detail to a fraction of an inch and discuss with you what might affect your home-improvement plan. Also, they'll be glad to guide you through the home inspection process and provide you with mortgage-securing 

If you're an experienced home buyer or seller, you probably already know this: Brokers aren't as loose-lipped as they appear to be.

Of course, they can tell you everything there is to know about the house, from root cellar to the widow's watch. They will detail the square-footage to a fraction of an inch and tell you what might influence your home-improvement plan. They will even happily coach you through the home inspection process and offer you mortgage-securing techniques.

However, there are some things that they don't want you to know. They have secrets of the trade that they don't want their clients to know. If you want these secrets revealed, this article will tell you about them. 

1. I Don't Represent You 

Generally, a real estate agent doesn't represent the buyer. However, homebuyers think the opposite. When responding to a listing broker's advertisement or being present at an open house, let's be honest here: This person is working for the seller of the home. The seller of the house may be a corporate developer, and they are compensating for the agent's job. As a client, you would say that you had an agent, however, the agent was not actually representing your interests. 

If you don't want this and you want to make sure that you have a professional real estate agent looking out for you, enrol a buyer's broker. This kind of agent will only work exclusively for you in any of the things you would have to deal with and can support you through the homebuying process, from search to provide to contract to closing. 

2. My Commission is Not Negotiable 

The truth is, the standard 6-per cent commission of real estate agents is not really a standard after all. You must be aware negotiating over their commission is a regular practice. The broker's commission is completely negotiable on a case-by-case ground. Since the property is a one million dollar price tag, they are willing to drop a whole point. 

So, if you are hunting for a listing agent, don't be shy to bargain upfront with potential brokers regarding their commission. You may provide a commission that's heavy enough to provide the agent with an incentive to work with dedication for you, however, don't feel required to stick to 6 per cent. Particularly, if you think that your home will not be a difficult sell. 

3. The House is Spacious 

If it's a small home, they would use staging as an optical illusion. Most show homes would have a great design to make the small home look more spacious, and a mansion to look more cosy and homey. It's a common-sense expectation to make a staged home in order for a place to appear larger because it offers a scale. 

For instance, if you use beefy chairs for a room that can't handle them, space would feel smaller and constricted. These are some of the secrets that your agent will tell you, so try to observe that. 

 4. Online Images May Not Look the Same in Person 

A home that looks amazing, spacious and elegant online may be entirely different when you see it in person, from furniture to the walls to the paint job. For the past years, virtual staging has become a trend that allows web geniuses to edit photos of a home by using a digital design. Especially now that we are in the age of COVID-19, sellers don't want a lot of strangers entering their homes. Virtual staging is the trend today, plus it's a cost-saver also. 

5. I Like to Refer a Home Inspector That Doesn't See Well 

All real estate salespeople have a home inspector up to their sleeves. However, there are a few unprincipled agents who would suggest inspectors who are not that fussy about catching small problems and tend to ignore the bigger ones. As a matter of fact, great home inspectors who can detect and fix mould and termite issues, continuously complain in online forums that they are banned or rejected by brokers if they reliably discover and uncover problems notwithstanding their own trusted responsibilities to their clients.  

We highly recommend that if you're the buyer, you may want to choose your own licensed inspector independently to check and oversee your prospective home by using a fine-toothed comb. You may want to look for professionals on your own who are able to recognize problems and issues and guide you on what it will take to solve them.

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