Your shorthand guide to buying industrial trolleys

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Publish Date : 2021-08-24 13:44:10
Your shorthand guide to buying industrial trolleys

So you want to buy an industrial trolley and are looking for the best trolleys. You have little idea on which type of trolley will fit in for your use.

While buying industrial trolleys there are a couple of factors to check out for. If you are not aware of these factors or parameters to be exact then you may end up choosing the wrong type of trolley.

So we have here for you a shorthand guide that contains the trolley types, things to know about, and the certifications that you need to check for.

You can view the different types of trolleys custom-designed for industries on the Team Systems website. 

Let’s begin by looking at the types of trolleys-


When it comes to buying industrial trolleys there are so many types of them that you may easily end up choosing the wrong one unless you know the types. Knowing the trolley types might help you to choose the right model.

Platform trolleys

Platform trolleys are trolleys that have a large platform. These are some of the strongest trolleys in industrial use having the largest weight loading capacities.

Multitier trolleys

Multitier trolleys may not have that much load capacity but they certainly have multiple tiers of racks and shelves that allow you to store different objects and weights on them. check out the different types of multi-tier trolleys on Team Systems. You can buy a 2-deck trolley, 3-deck trolley, 4-deck trolley, and so on.

Order picking trolleys

You must have seen these trolleys in the supermarket or a shopping mall. These are best for storing lightweight to medium-weight objects such as grocery items. The platform bed is covered by metal walls on the sides such that you can load it up while shopping.

Office trolleys

These are some of the lightweight purpose trolleys that are fit for office use. You will see them be used in carrying all types of office inventory items such as paper cartons, files, folders, etc.

Hand trucks

Hand trucks are largely used in warehouses and have a major difference structurally. It has got only one pair of wheels and the back end when picked up, the load bed becomes inclined.

Cleaning and hospitality trolleys

Cleaning and hospitality trolleys are used in restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, pubs, bars and are used for food serving and or cleaning purposes. These are ideal for storing food item bowls and plates or else store chemicals, detergents, dusters, and other types of cleaning items.

Check out some of the latest designs of cleaning and hospitality trolleys on Team Systems.

Checklist for buying a trolley-

Let’s now have a look at the checklist that you should prepare for buying a trolley. Of course, you should have an idea of the exact types of trolleys you want and the number of each type of trolley.

Load capacity

The load capacity is the foremost important factor that helps you to determine which can be the best trolley. Always ensure to check the load ratings before buying a trolley.

If you want to buy any type of trolley with all the specified pre-rated weight capacities then you can check out the Team Systems website.

Type of use- indoor vs. outdoor

Find out whether you need to buy an indoor trolley or an outdoor trolley. Remember that both trolleys have different features in them.

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