Why You Should Send Greeting Cards Even If You’re A Millennial

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Publish Date : 2021-03-23 07:39:29
Why You Should Send Greeting Cards Even If You’re A Millennial

Greeting Cards are often thought of as hanger one of the time before social media. Greeting cards used to be sent for almost every important occasion through the year but as emails and then social media started rapidly catching on, people switched to e-greeting cards. Simple web pages that would open up for whatever occasion for the intended recipients. E- greeting cards in their infancy were nothing special, just novel items to send for a change. When social media started getting popular among adults, and the older generation, we saw the rise of sending just generic pictures and GIFs instead of e-greeting cards or even physical greeting cards.

Even today, you can probably think of at least 4 members of your family that send you greeting over Facebook or other social media sites by sending you a few gifs or pictures. So are greeting cards dead? Surprisingly, and contrary to popular portrayal, it is millennials that are keeping the greeting card business alive. You will be surprised to learn that it is the older generation that uses non-physical greeting cards more often. Millennials are ones buying greeting cards more frequently than any other demographic.

Why Are Millennials Not Killing Greeting Cards?

The reason for such an unintuive discrepancy in greeting card consumption is actually related to views of technology between the demographics. The older generations not having grown up with technology, still see it as novel. It is the novelty factor along with its convenience and ease that makes them not go for physical greeting cards. Digital is departure from the normal for them, and so they use digital for special occasions.

At the same time, millennials have for the most part grown up with technology from quite a young age. They have seen its various uses and seen how it has permeated the world around them. For millennials, the norm is that everything is digital. This is why the departure from normal is saved for a special occasion. We can see examples of this behaviour between the two generations in other uses of technology as well.

Importance of Physical Connection

With everything being digital today, it highlights the importance of having physical momentos. It is this reason why millennials are buying greeting cards. These physical reminders of love and affirmations from our close friends and loved ones provide us a source of peace and stability.

Two things that are extremely important in today’s world.

Greeting cards represent something pure, and innocent from an era uncomplicated by social media and rapid digitalization. While technological trends have done great good, they have also made things very impersonal. Sending everyone in your contact’s list a GIF on their birthday is a far cry from sending them a greeting card with a personalized note within it. Greeting cards provide that personal, intimate factor that many other things cannot match in today’s time.

Last Words

Greeting cards are an easy yet important way to maintain intimate contact for special occasions in a world ruled by digital communication. For people completely surrounded by impersonal technology constantly, having a physical memento of a special connection or greeting cards form local store like Pop up Cards Direct can be very impactful. You can move someone’s day, just with a simple greeting card for birthday and a heartfelt message.

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