What is the hidden secret behind the magic power of the crystal water bottles?

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Publish Date : 2021-06-15 06:29:36
What is the hidden secret behind the magic power of the crystal water bottles?

So is there something that is really behind the scenes that you are so interested to buy crystal water bottle?

Or is it just the name or the hype that has been created through the ads that you are attracted to this glossy and whole new piece of merchandise in the world of fashion.

In this article, we are going to unravel the secrets and take a look at some of the important facts and findings behind the magical powers and see if they exist.

What is the hype surrounding the crystal water bottles?

You must have seen the as featured in tv infomercials and ads about the crystal water bottles and wondering why are people going so crazy for it.

This media hype around the crystal water bottles has all the backing of the believed magical powers of a crystal stone.

We have seen numerous advertisements on tv with our favorite actors and actresses seen drinking crystal-infused water.

This makes us wonder what the secrets and magic behind the water bottles.

What are the beliefs surrounding the crystal elixir?

The thoughts and beliefs that we have surrounding crystal water bottles have been carried through the ages and generations after generations.

It seems that we are deeply engulfed to buy crystal water bottle after knowing about the magical powers that have.

In medieval times, people have always been fascinated with the crystal elixirs that were thought to have magical powers in them. drinking water that is already a source of energy for us allows the magical spells of the crystals to be mixed with water.

It is though even these days that crystal water bottles have fantastic healing powers and can raise our psychological and physical powers along with raising our spiritual and conscience.

Are all the crystal elixirs the same? Does each of the crystal elixirs have all the magical spells on them?

To the normal eye, it may look all the same but normally they are not.

There are various types of crystal elixirs found and each one of them has some specific powers linked with them. Here are all the crystal elixirs-

Rose quartz

It’s a slight pinkish type of crystal that is capable of relieving you of all the negative thoughts and vibes. it can also add up to the heart chakra and adds a calming effect.

Clear quartz

It’s got a translucent feel and look to it. It is thought that transparent crystalscan alleviate the energy levels in our bodies. Along with the crystal quartz, it is also a master healer.

Smokey quartz

Slightly greyish in appearance this quartz stone is capable of cleansing and detoxifying your soul. It is also capable of alleviating your painful emotions from your mind.


The amethyst stone has a high level of spiritual vibration and can also link up to the crown chakra. It is one of the most common crystal stones as featured in commercials.

What you have to know about the secrets?

See, we are not trying to make any opinions on things or your beliefs but just that all these are not factual. All these so-called beliefs are just beliefs in them. they have been carried down the generations.

None of the powers of the crystal water bottle hold in reality.

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