The Actions to Open a Nail Salon

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The Actions to Open a Nail Salon

Since its importation in the 70s, the profession of manicurist knows a real boom. A true trend phenomenon, the profession of manicure is more and more practiced in salons or beauty institutes in an artistic form known as "nail art". If we are indeed witnessing today a rapid development of manicure workshops, it should be noted that the opening of these aesthetic care centers dedicated to the hands is subject to the prior observation of certain procedures.

If you want to perform beauty treatments and want to be independent, you can open a nail salon. But first, educate yourself to learn what you need to do to make your project successful.

We encourage you to explore a few moves to start a nail salon.

Qualifications and skills required

Like the beautician, the manicurist is a professional specializing in the care of hands and nails. Perfectly mastering massage, polishing and exfoliation techniques, the manicurist's mission is to apply the appropriate nutritional care to the hands and nails of his clients to bring out their natural beauty.

Able to give expert advice, the manicurist can also market in his salon cosmetic products and trendy varnishes meeting the needs of his clientele, both male and female. When it expands its activity to that of a nail prosthetist, it can provide nail decoration, installation or removal services.

In terms of training, the manicurist follows a path similar to that of the beautician. Certain diplomas are certainly required before the opening of a nail prosthetist salon, but they are not compulsory when you have three years of professional experience in the trade. These are: the professional aptitude certificate (CAP) and the vocational studies certificate (BEP).

The different legal statuses to set up on your own account

Opening a nail salon relates to starting a business. Thus, to become a nail prosthetist and set up on his own, the manicurist can freely choose a legal status that meets his needs. The show can therefore have the status: of company (SARL, EURL, SNC, EIRL, etc.), sole proprietorship, self-employed person, independent home seller (VDI).

The working conditions and the necessary equipment

The profession of manicurist can be practiced full time or part time, and the rates can be invoiced by hour or according to the services. However, this type of trade sometimes requires rather long hours of work.

Before opening a nail salon, it is essential to have the right equipment to equip the salon . Like any business, therefore, it is necessary to provide: a cash register, a computer, management software, a bank card terminal, etc. And as part of the activity, you must provide accessories such as: armchairs, lighting, tables, decoration, drying devices, files, small nail brushes, nail polish remover, hand cream, etc.

The opening of a nail salon is an essential step to start the profession of nail technician and to build a reputation. The steps to get there are simple and do not necessarily require an initial investment.

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