Learn To Plant and Grow Gorgeous Alstroemeria

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Learn To Plant and Grow Gorgeous Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is a tuberous perennial plant known as the “Lily of the Incas” or “Peruvian Lily”. The plant bears lily-like flowers with strong stems that grow in a bush up to two to three feet tall. These flowers bloom in early summer depending on the variety and last throughout the fall. Alstroemeria plants survive in warmer weather zones, and this plant has become a popular florist flower throughout the world. These lilies symbolize devotion, commitment and friendship and are best suited for many occasions, great as anniversary flowers.

Alstroemeria have unique features and are known for their five to seven long stamens, distinct speckled throats, and contrasting colour patterns, making striking additions to mixed bouquets. Over 120 species of Alstroemeria flowers showcasing various colours such as yellow, orange, red, white, pink and purple.

Tips to Grow Alstroemeria

You can buy Alstroemeria online in Australia as these plants are easy to grow.

Below are some care tips and tricks that will help you to keep your Alstroemeria at its healthiest.


It should be seen to plant Alstroemeria flowers in an area of your garden that receives plenty of sunlight. They grow to their best while receiving full morning sun and some partial sunshade in the afternoons.


Water is a vital element for plants to grow, and these plants grow best when they are watered regularly. After planting, keep the rhizomes (the underground stems) wet till the first shoots appear, then one inch of water every week. When the plant becomes more established, it takes less water. It would be best if you avoided over-watering as it will lead to root rot.


Planting Alstroemeria autumn and spring is the best time to grow as the ideal temperature ranges from 65-80°F. As the temperatures get gradually warmer nearing the end of spring, greenhouses can help prevent scorched leaves.

Pests in Alstroemeria

The Alstroemeria has few animal pests that cause problems for the plant. The common pests include aphids, slugs, spider mites and thrips. These pests carry and spread certain diseases to these plants.

The Alstroemerias are a hardier plant, but the freezing temperatures can still cause problems. You should move your potted plants to the shelter area once colder months approach.

Fungi is the most common problem that these plants can face. Pythium root rot is a common disease that affects the plant, where fungi can cause stunted growth and weak stems. The fungi grow when the soil is too moist for a long period. In addition, a grey mould called Botrytis Blight can damage the plants if the Alstroemeria are planted too close together. Lack of space between plants leads to poor air filtration and causes a warm and moist environment ideal for mould growth.

Be protected and wear gloves when planting the Alstroemeria Plants for Sale to avoid any potential skin irritation.

Alstroemeria Aftercare

It is important to take care of Alstroemeria once you have planted it.

Below are a few things to consider when it comes to aftercare:

Once in bloom, you should use high potash fertilizer each week during the growing season. Further, to promote new blooms, pull stems from the base of the plant rather than cutting them to avoid any damage to the plant. Then take off the dead flowers so that your Alstroemeria does not multiply out of control by self-seeding.

The practice of mulch is great for keeping Alstroemeria warm in colder climates. You should do it for the first two seasons after you have planted it. You should keep the mulch at least two inches away from the base to avoid rotting.

Keep your vase in a cooler place, away from drafts and direct sunlight that will help you to make alstroemeria cuttings last longer. Be sure to keep them away from fresh fruit and vegetables as they emit ethylene gas which is harmful to cut flowers.

Always make sure while watering your Alstroemeria not to over-saturate or let the soil dry out between waterings. Most of the Alstroemeria flowers grow tall; you should plant the flower with support and fix to the stem to keep it upright. You can buy Alstroemeria online and place your Alstroemeria as a houseplant or as a beautiful addition to your garden. This care guide and tips will help you grow it for years.

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