Hair Extension Boxes - 5 Factors to Consider While Purchasing Them

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Publish Date : 2021-05-25 09:51:04
Hair Extension Boxes - 5 Factors to Consider While Purchasing Them

Hair Extension Boxes are among the best ways to add length and volume to hair. With the help of high-quality hair extensions with premium boxes, you can easily add this new look to yourself without undergoing any kind of pain or hassle. These boxes must be designed carefully by considering specific aspects like the material used, the size of the package, and the design. 

However, if you are among retailers looking for ways to surpass their competitors with the help of packaging, there are some things you should consider. Further, in this blog, we will go through some of the most significant factors that play a crucial role in presenting your product. 


High-quality Material


The foremost thing that buyers should consider while designing  custom hair extension boxes  is the material used in its packaging. High quality boxes must be made of high quality cardboard material to ensure the safety and durability of your products. 

High-quality cardboard material is also soft and thick, and hence it does not crack easily, even subject to heavy usage. You can choose from a wide variety of packaging materials according to your needs and budget. However, apart from cardboard, there is also another suitable option for your packaging wholesale for hair extensions. 


Kraft is another option for your packaging requirements. Unlike cardbaord, kraft comes with lesser weight. Being less in weight, kraft also provides enough durability and protection to your hair extensions. Moreoever, less weight can also give you substantial financial advantages while dispatching your product to several states. 


Engaging Design


Secondly, the packing should be attractive and eye-catching. It should be in the form of a box or basket in order to make it more appealing. In addition to this, the cosmetic brand name should be printed on the box to make your customers easily recognize it. 

Companies that deal in Custom Packaging Services merchandise must always take the packing of their products very seriously. It's one of their most important responsibilities which must fill.


Significance of SIze


Thirdly, the size of  custom packaging boxes must be large enough to accommodate all your cosmetic items. At the same time, the brand name and brand logo should be printed on the packaging so that customers who see the packaging will quickly identify it with the rest of their friends and family. You can even add beautiful pictures of brand promoters while making your custom hair extension boxes.

Ample Customization

The fourth duty is packaging materials for hair extension packaging. If you opt for customized packaging, you must ask the company you have selected to customize your shipping boxes. For this purpose, they will give you the design and shape of your packages and the text and logo you would like to include. They also help you to decide the color of your packaging material as well.

Apart from these basic customization options, packaging vendors also give a wide range of add ons to turn your simple kraft box into a head-turning premium hair extension packaging. 

Wide Range To Choose From

Fifthly, you must provide your customer with a range of hair extension packaging to choose from. For this purpose, you may either need to ask your cosmetic manufacturer to design the box you want, or you may try online shopping. There are various shapes available in the market which you may use to get a customized shape. In addition to this, different brands of hair extensions come in different colors.

Available in Various Sizes

Hair extension boxes come in various shapes and sizes, and all these shapes have their unique advantages and disadvantages. In the case of customized packages, you must always keep your brand name in mind. The advantage of having a box with your brand name on it is that customers can quickly identify your products. 

The disadvantage of using standard rectangular boxes is that they may not accommodate all the hair extension sizes. The standard size box can sometimes house three or four hair extension sizes, whereas the narrow rectangular cardboard boxes can house up to nine hair extensions.


To Conclude

If you are starting a hair extensions business and do not know how to make the right kind of packaging material, you can consult any hair extension consultant who can guide you about this issue. Hair extension packaging includes different types of materials, and you can choose one depending on your business type. 

Hair extension manufacturers often have distribution representatives who can help you with this task. The distribution representatives can guide you about what brand of hair extension packaging is suitable for your business and what is unsuitable.

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