Fun facts about lipstick packaging and lipsticks

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Publish Date : 2021-05-10 16:02:49
Fun facts about lipstick packaging and lipsticks

I have long given up trusting the lipstick names on the lipstick packaging. The last time I brought “Oh! So pretty” pink lipstick, I looked a little crazy after applying it. No! Not the cute crazy, the psychotic crazy, who likes to kill people and look at herself in the mirror. Okay, I agree I digress. The point is lipsticks make women look oh! So pretty only if they select it according to their skin tones. Seriously, if you thought the debate was about brown, blacks, and whites, you are oh! So wrong. Don’t and I repeat, don’t be fooled by the exaggerated names printed in the lipstick packaging. Also, don’t be dazzled by their impressive custom lipstick box packaging that sits on the shelves whispering, “try me”. Remember the sole purpose of custom lipstick box packaging is to protect the product and excite customers like us.

Names printed on the lipstick boxes

But the fault always does not lie with our selection or the misleading names printed on the lipstick boxes. It is important to remember to prepare your lips to make the shade come out as promising as in images. The names on the lipstick boxes are not always misleading after all. Hydrate your lips before applying the lipsticks. It is especially important with a bold shade. Select a good-quality lip balm before opening that vivid shade of lipstick resting in the custom lipstick packaging. Nothing looks uglier on chapped lips than a layer of flaky lipstick. Hydrated lips work well for both glossy and matte lipstick options.

Never ever buy a lipstick that says “it works for everyone” on its custom lipstick packaging. Shades like these can make you look washed out and eventually this lipstick will end up in the trash. There are a few things to remember before getting excited about the tall claim on the custom lipstick boxes. If you have fair skin, stay away from burgundy tones. No matter how much we drew you to it opt for corals or nudes instead. Burgundy will only make you look washed out. If you have pink undertones opt for the natural shades. Stay away from cooler hues as orange and warm tones will give you the glamorous appeals that you desire. If they blessed you with olive-colored skin stay away from browns and purplish reds. Other than that, almost every color will look superb on you. Those who have yellow undertones nudes and reds will look the best.

The Custom Lipstick Packaging

One thing they don’t print on the custom lipstick boxes is how to attain beautiful lips. This comes from hydration and exfoliation of the lips followed by flawless lip liner application and carefully selected color. To make your lipstick stay for long either buy lipsticks that have “stays on for longer” on their custom lipstick packaging or apply a coat of lip liner covering your lips before applying a coat of lipstick. This enhances color and provides a surface for the lipstick coat to stick to. If wearing matte lipstick pat on another layer using clean fingers on the lips. Also, dust the lips lightly with translucent loose powder in the end.

Those who do not have translucent powder can even make use of a tiny amount of concealer for smooth looks. For deep hues always apply directly from the tube or pencil. Do not use a brush to apply deep hues on lips. This technique works perfectly for all pigmented lip looks. Lipstick texture may vary from one brand to another. Also, buy revered names in make-up that offer quality products with smooth looks.

While you might boast of having the best lipstick collection in trending colors, never forget to thank Cleopatra for making it fashionable. She was one of the first people to flaunt her lips in the red shade.

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